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The Maite Source Trail: walking in a natural jewel

Hiking in the spring protection area

Excursions through the waters of South Tyrol

The Fanes-Senes-Prags Nature Park is a very special corner of the world. Here you can find one of the most beautiful springs in the area, and a well-prepared hiking trail allows you to enjoy this special protected oasis.

The area in which the path winds, in the wonderful Prags Valley, is called “Maite”. The water flows from different sources on a large flat area and forms small streams, used in part to supply a small fish farm, and partly for the supply of drinking water to the local population.

Among the bridges and paths, you will have the pleasure of walking carefree in nature. Along the way, numerous information boards describe the fascinating world of animals and plants, reaffirming the importance of protecting the source and using it in a sustainable way. The signs also inform us about the water cycle and the protected areas.

Respect for nature

The source trail is found in the Fanes-Senes-Prags Nature Park. This corner of the landscape must be explored with particular care. We, as travellers and hikers, are only guests and we should enjoy this adventure with due respect. Do not leave the beaten path and avoid unnecessary noise. Do not collect stones, minerals or mushrooms. The same applies to plants and flowers. Please do not pick them, so the people who come after you can admire their beauty. Do not litter in nature, bring your waste with you. Do not feed the animals in the park. Always

South Tyrolean spring trail

Excursions in the spring protection zone

keep your dogs on a leash.

How to arrive.

Access to the source trail is located in the Prags Valley, near Hotel Asterbel. To get there, follow the signs for Prags and enter the village of Säge in the direction of Plätzwiese. After about 4 kilometres, on the left, above the road, you will see the old Bad Altprags building. After another 500 meters, on the right side of the road, you will find the sign indicating the beginning of the trail.

The thematic path is 700 meters long and runs on flat terrain. Therefore, it is suitable for hikers of all ages and physical conditions, including children. For further advice on the most beautiful excursions in the area, contact the Leitlhof hiker hotel, which offers 4-star Superior comfort in Innichen.

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