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Stephan Mühlmann is standing in front of the entrance to the hotel’s own cogeneration plant. He proudly illustrates the path followed by the Leitlhof from the first print run with climate-neutral printing to the hotel management with a unique carbon footprint.

by Stephan Mühlmann

Wood fired cogeneration plant Leitlhof

Here, in the wood-fired cogeneration plant owned by the hotel, “green” energy is produced for the 4-Star Hotel Leitlhof at San Candido.

When we were drafting the 2012/2013 winter edition of the magazine for guests at our 4-Star Superior Hotel Leitlhof – Dolomiten Living, the idea originated of producing it with climate-neutral printing, thus giving an important first signal for the adoption of measures to defend the climate.

A cogeneration plant fired with wood logs to reduce heating costs.

At the end of 2012, our wood-fired cogeneration plant started operation. Initially, the building of this plant was prompted by the high costs for heating our outdoor swimming pool. The two engines, powered by wood gas, produce green electricity and thermal energy for our wellness hotel at San Candido in Upper Val Pusteria.

Wood chips from our own woods.

Wood cogeneration Leitlhof

The wood burnt in the Leitlhof power plant comes from our own woods and from the neighbouring areas.

The raw material for energy production comes mostly from our own woods and from the neighbouring areas. The supply routes are limited as much as possible; the quality of the wood chips, an important factor for wood gasification, is guaranteed because we produce them ourselves.

From climate-neutral printing to the second climate-neutral hotel in South Tyrol and the Best Practice in CO2 reduction.

After three climate-neutral editions of our guest magazine, we wanted to do more. In collaboration with the “Climate Partner” environmental protection agency in Munich, we considered and obtained certification of climate-neutral hotel activity. On that occasion the carbon footprint for the years 2012 and 2013 was exactly defined. Between the winter season 2012/2013 and the summer season 2013, the number of rooms at the Hotel Leitlhof increased from 37 to 55. So we were anxiously awaiting the results of the analysis of the acquired carbon data.

The result turned out to be extremely satisfactory and extraordinary at European level:

2012: with 37 rooms, without wood-fired cogeneration plant and with a biomass district heating system, there was a CO2 emission of 495,000 kg.

2013: with 55 rooms and a wood-fired cogeneration plant it was possible to reduce CO2 emission to 262,000 kg.

Monitoring wood fired cogeneration plant Leitlhof

Everything under control: here we monitor the energy supply of the Leitlhof, one of the few independent energy hotels in Europe.

The CO2 emissions were therefore reduced by about half.

Energy efficiency

Thanks to an ingenious energy concept, it has been possible to optimise energy efficiency. The hot air, for example, which is generated by the sun’s radiation on solar panels installed on the roof, is drawn in and fed to the process for drying wood chips. Vice versa, when it snows, the hot air produced in the heating plant is pumped under the solar panels, so that these remain free from snow and are thus able to produce current.

Independent energy supply

The “waste” from wood chips, consisting of fine particles, is compressed into pellets and burnt in a heating boiler. Thanks to the thermal energy produced there, the Leitlhof is independent regarding energy supply and is therefore one of the few independent energy hotels in Europe.

An environmentally friendly climate-neutral holiday in the green Upper Val Pusteria in Italy’s “Green Region”, South Tyrol.

The signals launched by the Leitlhof are decisive for an environmentally sustainable future. They promote the responsible use of the natural resources made available by our environment. “Our initiatives allow our guests to spend a splendid holiday filled with wellbeing and movement. They show that it is possible to spend a “Green Holiday” in the “green” Hotel Leitlhof in the “Green Region” of South Tyrol”, declares Stephan Mühlmann.

On this page of our website, under the heading “ecological holidays in South Tyrol”, you can find more information about environmentally friendly holidays at the Leitlhof at San Candido, in the “green” Val Pusteria.

Pictures: © Leitlhof ****S – Dolomiten Living

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Stephan Mühlmann

Stephan Mühlmann

Stephan ist Junior-Chef im Leitlhof und der Kopf hinter der Energiewende im Leitlhof. Er kümmert sich neben dem Holzheizkraftwerk auch um den Mühlhof.
Stephan Mühlmann

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