Haut und Haare freuen sich im Winter über extra Pflege

The ecological power of aromatic herbs

Schützen Sie sich vor dem Winter

The healing power of aromatic herbs has been known for thousands of years. Despite this, nature’s “green helpers” are very frequently forgotten. Julia Kraler, Manager of the Spa and the Wellness Centre at the 4-Star Superior Hotel at San Candido, illustrates the extraordinary action of lavender, lemon balm and other herbs.

by Julia Kraler

Aromatic herbs wellness Leitlhof

Activation of the forces of self-healing and deep moisturising of the skin: massages with warm sachets of aromatic herbs in the wellness oasis at the Leitlhof in San Candido.

Today I would like to present one of the favourite treatments at our Spa and Wellness oasis during the cold winter period. Massage with warm sachets of aromatic herbs stimulates the metabolism and performs a relaxing and purifying action on the skin. The warm sachets of aromatic herbs, soaked in a mixture of ginger oil, are rotated on the body with gentle, rhythmic movements. Precious aromatic herbs, such as lavender flowers, rosemary, birch leaves, raspberry leaves, lemon balm leaves and horsetail, exert their profound action on the skin. The interaction between warm oil, warm sachets and a pleasant aroma of aromatic herbs promotes the renewal and regeneration of the skin.

The extraordinary action of the individual aromatic herbs:

Lavender flowers

Lavender flowers have been used for baths and ablutions since antiquity. Lavender’s extraordinary fragrance has a calming effect and favours a healthy rest. For centuries, lavender has been considered a miraculous herb against various complaints: it is useful in the case of headache, anxiety and stress.

Rosemary leaves

Rosemary is one of the few herbs able to increase low pressure. Rosemary tones and reinvigorates the skin and body.

Birch leaves

Birch leaves are mostly prepared as a tea, and have a draining and purifying effect on the blood. Applied externally, birch leaves are useful in the case of persistent rashes and skin allergies.

Raspberry leaves

Raspberry leaves are credited with astringent properties and muscle-relaxing effects.

Lemon balm leaves

The fresh lemony fragrance of lemon balm leaves strengthens the immune system in the case of a cold and has a calming effect on digestive problems.


Horsetail stimulates the skin metabolism and helps strengthen the connective tissue. It is also credited with draining properties.

To optimise the effects of the massage with sachets of aromatic herbs, after each wellness treatment with herbs we spoil our guests with the beneficial Wellness Vital & Relax tea, an extremely relaxing blend of herbs and fruit.

On our website www.leitlhof.com you can find further information about the relaxing treatments proposed by the Spa and Wellness Centre at our 4 Star Superior Wellness Hotel at San Candido, in Val Pusteria.

Pictures: © Leitlhof ****S – Dolomiten Living

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Julia Kraler

Julia Kraler

Ich bin die Leiterin der Wellness- und Spa-Abteilung im Hotel Leitlhof 4****S - Dolomiten Living.
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